Can I Kick It?

Can I Kick It? Yes. Yes you can

Yes. Yes you can.

Can I Kick It is a blog covering soccer around the world (but mainly the Premier League and MLS), with game previews and picks along with some bonus betting advice (fade me, you won’t).

My name is Nico Pelaez, and I have a soccer problem.

Now if any of you know me, you know I like to talk about soccer… a lot. For years I have pestered my friends and family (and many others), by talking about soccer and trying very hard to get them to appreciate the sport. So I took my talents to the Internet where I can still annoy you, just only at your own peril.

As the game is growing in the United States, I started to realize more and more people paying attention. Whether it be a couple of snazzy jerseys being worn around college campuses and music concerts, bars in the States being packed at 10am for an early Premier League tilt, Americans buying the most World Cup tickets in the world in 2014, or even seeing my non-soccer twitter feed blow up when Messi scores an El Clasico winner; people are starting to care.

140622 Grant Park viewing party 13

So my goal is to combine my soccer knowledge, with an even better soccer betting knowledge to at the very least get you interested (and at the very most win you some cheddar) in the Beautiful Game from August alllllllllllllllllll the way to late May.

My blog will go as follows:

  • Several premier league games being previewed and full predictions before each weekend along with game picks and predictions for all matchups in the Premier League
  • Several MLS games being previewed with full predictions before each weekend
  • A couple games around the soccer world either profiled and with predictions
  • Champions League periodical updates and game picks
  • Parlay(s) of the week

Hope you’re going to enjoy it as much as I enjoy Lionel Messi making defenders look like an ice cream cake that was left outside in July.

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