Power Rankings Szn

Power Rankings Szn

Quick Update on the record:

Wednesday’s Record: 4-2-2
All-Time Record: 91-87-16

As per tradition, once Mount Rushmore Season is over we begin Power Rankings Season. The best part about power rankings is that you can literally power rank anything, and I intend to do that here with good old footy.

My formula is basically going to be comprised of the hottest teams right now combined with how good the actual team is regardless of the season they’re having. Not hard stuff and I’ll probably throw some hot takes in here and there throughout the season to spice it up a bit, who knows. I’ll post either once a week or if there’s a big shakeup and each top 5 team will get a gif.



Honerable mentions: Arsenal, Dortmund, Atletico, Roma

10. Chelsea

Chelsea have been an interesting side this season because they sit in 4th in the Premier League while playing 3 of the top 6 already and about to play a 4th in United. They are 6-3-1 in the league and 2-1-1 in the Champions League where they sit in 2nd, 1 point behind Roma and 4 above Atletico. After they play Man U this weekend, we will find out what this team is made of after an embarrassing 3-0 loss to Roma on Tuesday. Chelsea face Man U, West Brom and Qarabag before playing Liverpool. Like I said, we will learn a lot about this team.

9. Juventus

The reigning Champions League… finalist haven’t played badly at all this year, as they’re 9-1-1, 3rd in Seria A and 3 points off the leaders Napoli (we’ll get to them). But they’ve yet to have played well in crucial games, with losses against Barcelona (0-3) and Lazio (1-2) and a big unconvincing tie to Sporting (1-1) this past week in the Champions League. They’re only 3 points ahead of Sporting but only 3 points behind Barcelona in the Champions League table with a big match against Barca in a few weeks.

8. Manchester United

The Red Devils have shown that they’re very much back as a possible European powerhouse this season. They sit 5 points back rivals City with a 7-2-1 record. They’ve had a big win at home to Spurs but a bad loss to Huddersfield a few weeks ago and a boring tie have shown that this team doesn’t yet have an identity. That identity problem can be very much due to the absence of Pogba, whose return make this team a top 5/7 team in no time. A very weak Champions League schedule doesn’t help them either, but a big win against Chelsea could prove how much this team can rise in the rankings.

7. Bayern Munich

In an almost mirror image to the team behind them, Bayern boast a 7-2-1 record with a huge match ahead of them (Dortmund) this weekend. Like United, they haven’t proved much yet and have had a bad loss as well as a silly tie. They have had a recent run of good results, two wins against Leipzig and an away win at Celtic (not as easy as it sounds). Their match this weekend could be a statement win and further distance rivals Dortmund out of the title race.

6. Real Madrid

What?!? Are you crazy Nico?!? Yeah, I guess so. Yes, they have been one of the teams of the century these last few years, but this team has proved NOTHING this season to make me believe they deserve to be a top 5 team. They have gone 6-2-2 in the league, a record which includes a loss to Girona (yikes) and Betis at home (double yikes). Their draws? Oh they’re also at home too. They have only gained 1 point out of two Champions League encounters with Tottenham and if it wasn’t for Dortmund failing at every turn they could’ve been in trouble in the group stage. They sit 8 points back of Barcelona in La Liga which could be a tough mountain to climb if it stays that way headed into late winter and early Spring. Ronaldo has only had 1 goal and 1 assist in 6 matches and team hasn’t clicked yet, but it’s Real Madrid and this probably won’t last long. Laugh now Barcelona fans, but it’s not time to hit the panic button yet in Madrid.

5. Napoli

giphy2Forget their loss to Man City, because Napoli has meant business this season across the board. My preseason sleeper pick in my Champions League preview has turned out to be a force in Italy, with a 10-1-0 record  and 32 goals scored in only 11 matches and a goal differential of +24 (only City, Barca and PSG have a better GD). Their only blip in the league is a home tie to Inter Milan. Buttttt with that being said, Napoli have only taken 3 points from their first 4 Champions League matches. Their next two Champions League games are must-wins for them, but also should-wins for them (Shakhtar and Feyenoord). If they can secure 6 more points they should be through to the Round of 16 and they will earn their ‘5’ ranking. I don’t see them going anywhere for now.

4. Tottenham


Spurs have officially given the new definition to ‘Spursy’. Spurs may have gone 6-2-2 in the league, but both of those losses have come at the hands of Chelsea in Matchweek 2 and Manchester United this past weekend. Between those games they have won 8 matches and tied 2, with the wins coming against teams like Real Madrid, Liverpool, Dortmund and a 3-0 win at Everton. They gave Real Madrid their worst Champions League group stage loss in 9 years on Wednesday and their first defeat in the group stage in 7 years. They’ve virtually locked up a spot in the Champions League last 16, but the London Derby against massive rivals Arsenal looms in mid-November along with a Champions League clash with Dortmund. After those games we’ll know if this team can really be one of the best in the world right now.

3. FC Barcelona

giphy3Folks, Lionel Messi has played 10 league games this season and has scored 12 goals and has provided 3 assists. He’s also hit the post 10 times… let that sink in. Barca sit at the top of La Liga right now with a 9-1-0 record, scoring 28 goals and only letting in 3 in 10 matches. They are one of only 3 teams who have yet to lose a game in any competition this season. The only reason why they aren’t any higher is because of the tie this week in Athens against Olympiakos; it may be unfair but if you want to be 1 or 2 on this list you can’t have a slip in a big game like that.

2. Manchester City

giphy4For people who know me, they know how badly I wanted to put this team at #1. City boast a 9-1-0 record in the Premier League and a 13-1-0 record overall, broke a 120-year-old record for most goals to start a season, and they have the highest goal differential in the world (+29, 35-6). Kevin de Bruyne is playing like one of the best players in the world right now and it doesn’t hurt to have Leroy Sane, David Silva, Gabriel Jesus, Rahim Sterling and Sergio Aguero right there next to you. If they can keep this run up and keep their form in the Premier League, they may just crack the top spot before we know it.

1. Paris Saint Germain

giphy5PSG have gone 9-2-0 in League 1 and 4-0-0 in Champions League play this season. With a goal differential of +26, 34-8 in the French League and +17, 17-0 in the Champions League they’ve proved their front three is the best in the world Neymar (11 goals, 8 assists), Mbappe (4 goals, 5 assists) and Cavani (15 goals, 2 assists). They’ve had convincing wins against Monaco, Celtic, Bayern, Nice and Anderlecht (twice) and don’t show signs of slowing down. Their weaker schedule, for now, could cost them the top spot with City nipping at their heels in the power rakings. It will be interesting to see how these top 5 shuffle around throughout the year.

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