Power Rankings: Week 18

What’s up fam! Back again with all the soccer knowledge you’ve been waiting for, and more importantly, my first round of Power Rankings. We had a lot of exciting action over the weekend throughout Europe’s power 5 leagues, so let’s take a look at where I believe Europe’s Top 10 squads belong on my list of Power Rankings.


Honorable Mentions

FC Porto, Roma, Manchester United, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid


10) Valencia

The La Liga powerhouse has done a superb job playing keep-up with Barcelona for the entirety of the season, however, were starting to see signs of fatigue. Los Che have already lost two matches in December, their only two losses of their campaign thus far as a matter of fact, but nonetheless, they are perhaps one of the most low-key teams in European Soccer this season, so for that I applaud you.


9) Liverpool

The Reds are well and alive again after dominating Bouremouth away in a 4-0 win. The fact that they are 4th in the Premier League table astonishes me given their ‘Fantastic Four’ up top, but so long as their defense lie in shambles, they will continue to see their offensive efforts offset.


8) Real Madrid

Hala Madrid y Nada. Were missing the “…y Nada Mas”, but at the moment Los Blancos don’t really deserve that tagline. Real are already a staggering 11 points behind their rivals Barcelona, a gap that surely cannot be narrowed. Although Real just won their second consecutive Club World Cup, that does not warrant a higher spot on this list. They’ll continue to stay around this half of the list until they can pull it together.


7) Paris Saint-Germain

I really do wish I could throw PSG in the top 3 of this list, but I just don’t think that will ever happen so long as they continue to be a French football club. Ligue 1 is probably the worst of the Power 5 leagues in Europe, with virtually NO competition week in and week out. They’ll climb this ranking order if and when they prove me wrong in the Champions League.

6) Napoli

Napoli….. cubanyo! If I made a Power Ranking’s about a month ago, I would’ve had Napoli at #1. This is no lie. However, Napoli’s recent efforts have pushed them further down this list unfortunately. After a horrendous Champions League campaign, they further damaged their rank with a loss to Juventus and a boring draw with Fiorentina. While they remain atop the Serie A table at the moment, Roma, Juve, and Inter are breathing down their throats and waiting for Napoli to slip up.


5) Juventus

Even with the most goals scored and the largest goal differential in Serie A, the Turin giants still don’t crack my top 3 on this list. Their style of play gives off, to me at least, a lack of effort, and for that reason they are not in my top 3. The Old Lady just picked up an excellent 3 points over Napoli (1st) and a draw with Inter (3rd), and given their ability to succeed against the big teams in the league, I expect Juve to move up this list as the season goes on.


4) Bayern Munich

Bayern have been as sturdy as could be, as expected. And without their rivals Dortmund usually sitting right behind them, Bayern can now focus on not just winning their 8293th Bundesliga Trophy in a row, but also the Champions League, a trophy they’ve really been after for the past few years.


3) Inter Milan

Perhaps the Milan side with lower expectations heading into the season, Internazionale have been a force this season! Before their loss to Udinese yesterday, Inter were sitting at the top of Serie A, and with no European football, and virtually no other cups besides the Coppa Italia to play for, Inter can really put forth their full attention to winning Serie A.


2) Barcelona

After a sluggish start to the season, Barcelona, and Messi specifically, have found their groove. Messi is back as La Liga’s top scorer, AND did you know he’s hit the post 14 times! So factor in another 4-5 goals onto his tally, and Barcelona look their best once again.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 9.21.05 PM.png

1) Manchester City

There’s really not much to be said about City at the moment. They are without a doubt THE team to beat in not just European Football, but WORLD Football. They have yet to lose a game in the Premier League this season, and just set the record for the longest win streak in Premier League History, shout out Arsenal. I have City winning the Premier League, and advancing to the Semi’s of the Champions League, so let’s see how the rest of their campaign pans out.

Raheem Sterling buries one past Hugo Lloris in a dominant 4-1 effort over Tottenham.

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