Matchweek 22

Well that was a wonky weekend of footy. Man City’s win streak is halted at 18 with a 0-0 draw at Palace with two of their star players going down injured, United drop points with a 0-0 draw at home to Southampton, Arsenal get robbed late with a very questionable penalty call and Chelsea stroll into 2nd place with a massive 5-0 victory. City’s loss was more meaningful to their streak and the injuries than it was to the standings, as they still seem to have locked up the title. De Bruyne and Gabriel Jesus’ injuries may slow down their offensive production depending on the length of time they will miss, and could open a glimmer of hope for the likes of Chelsea to start capitalizing on points.

giphy4When you lose your win streak and two of your best players on the same day.

As a reminder the soccer continues through the New Year because the FA hates their players. They are the only league to have their players play on Christmas and New Years, despite the outcry from managers and players. It’s literally the Thursday Night Football equivalent, the league just doesn’t give a crap. But that just means more soccer for us, and you won’t find me complaining.

Although I had my worst week in a while, you just gotta pick yourself up and keep riding the wave (shrreeedddd ittttt). Weird results like the Man U and City scoreless draws and the Arsenal 1-1 draw left me with a 3-6 record, a swing which if it went my way would’ve put me at 6-3. But like I said you just have to pick yourself up, everybody can’t go positive every week.

Matchweek Results: 3-6-0
All-Time Results: 149-134-34

Monday, Jan. 1

Bournemouth (+0.5) @ Brighton Ever since playing 4 of the top 6 in a row, Bournemouth have been playing well enough to earn 4 points in 2 matches. Although they are short with squad numbers due to injuries, this one smells like a draw. Take the points.


Newcastle United (+0.5) @ Stoke City Despite having a decent home record, Stoke have given up 19 goals in 10 home matches, the second highest in the league. Although they rested many of their starters in their 5-0 trouncing at Chelsea, the big loss will surely leave a mark on their form. Stoke also have the worst record against the spread in the league this year, yikes. Again, take the points here.

Huddersfield @ Leicester City (-0.5) – Leicester are just better than Huddersfield and are in need of some new momentum. Huddersfield have also had trouble scoring goals this year away from home.

Liverpool @ Burnley (+1) – Burnley have been unbelievable this season against the spread, going 12-3-5 and they have the best goals against record in the league this year. Although Liverpool haven’t lost a match since late October, Burnley have only lost by more than a goal at home once this season. Lots of points for Sean ‘Football Guy’ Dyche and his Burnley squad.

Manchester United (-0.5) @ Everton This will be the classic Man United recovering from a bad few matches and people will be raving about how class they can be. They’ve yet to win with Pogba getting back in the lineup and still deserve my “Michael Scott Snip Snap Award” for most inconsistent team this season. Mourinho has done a good job deflecting with excuses to take everyone’s mind off their poor performance, but this is a must-win. giphy3

Tuesday, Jan 2
Crystal Palace @ Southampton (-0.5) – It’s actually insane how Palace have been playing since their poor start. They just tied the best team in the world in Man City and have lost only one game in their last 10 matches. These two teams haven’t had a draw in their last 15 matchups, which doesn’t really mean anything I just thought it was cool. Southampton haven’t won in their last 8 matches, but all things must come to and end. Expect them to eek out a 1-0 win here.

Tottenham (-1.5) @ Swansea Swansea had a massive comeback win over the weekend to start their climb out of the bottom, but they have never lost to a Premier League team more than they have to Tottenham. Spurs have won 5 of their last 6, and in those wins have outscored their opponent by a total of 18-3. Add that to the fact that the Swans have the worst home Premier League record in the league and it equals out to a Tottenham can of whoop ass.

West Brom @ West Ham (-0.5) – Both of these teams are trash. Both of these teams have the word West in them. That’s about all the analysis I have for this one. I had my sister’s dog pick it, and she picked West Ham.

Watford @ Manchester City (-2) – Manchester City suffered more than one blow on Sunday morning, as their 18 game win streak ended just 1 shy of tying the European record and they lose two stars to injury, one who was leading the MVP race. This team will bounce back because their depth is the best in the league, and so is their coaching.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Years and can watch the matches early on Monday before the college football extravaganza begins, and if you don’t work on Tuesday you can watch those all day as well. It may be a new year but United still sucks.

Stay Kickin’ It. Peace.

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