Arsenal January Transfer Period

What’s going on everyone? Sorry for the lack of posts lately, the way Arsenal have been performing lately has me in my feelings and all. Tonight I’d like to talk about something positive with Arsenal for a change, something that has been largely nonexistent and unlike the norm with us in the recent past – the January transfer period. It is evident, now more than ever, that Arsenal must make changes to the current squad in order to take away anything from this season, the question is, how the club will go about that. Let’s take a look at some realistic, and unrealistic, transfers that could take place before the window closes.


Alexis Sánchez

Arsenal fans have had their fair share of the Alexis exit rumors for some time now, dating back to last summer when the club struggled to strike a deal with the Chilean over a new contract. At this point I would say there is about a 100% chance that he will be leaving us, the question is will it be during this window, or in the summer. Fans, and the Club, will prefer to sell during this window due to the high selling fee clubs would pay for him of course, while were he to leave this Summer it would be have to be on a free. It looked like City were going to bring Sanchez to the Etihad, but a recent breakthrough in the recovery of Gabriel Jesus’ injury has led to disinterest in Sanchez from the club. It is now Manchester United that are on the front foot of signing the winger, but it’ll come at a cost: about $32m + Mkhitaryan. More on Mkhitaryan will be discussed further below.

Rumor Mill Level (1 being blasphemy, 10 being confirmed): 8



Theo Walcott

Theo, Theo. What can I say, you’ve been loyal to us, and somewhat good for the club over these past 10 years. The Winger/Striker/CF/CAM/RM has scored over 100 goals in his decade spent at Arsenal. As sad as it is to see Theo go, it really is the right decision. Walcott had loads of potential, and it was simply unfulfilled, as his inconsistency really cemented a spot on the bench for him during the latter half of his Arsenal career. If this club are to make the leap to becoming an “elite club”, they are going to need more consistent players than Theo Walcott. Theo was spotted at Everton this morning completing a medical, so the announcement is imminent. It looks like the Toffees will be paying around £22m for him, money that can certainly be spent to build upon our current squad.

Rumor Mill Level: 10

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 9.08.27 PM.png


Olivier Giroud

I Can’t believe the day would come where I have to write about GiGi leaving Arsenal. My mans has been hated on by so many, for so long, and I have been there to support him in full, so this one is tough. This transfer, however, is more so dependent on what happens with the Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang transfer. It’s looking like Arsenal are willing to offer Giroud plus £30m for the Gabonese striker, which I believe Arsenal should quickly act on and follow through with.

Rumor Mill Level: 5

Scorpion Master Giroud



Henrikh Mkhitaryan

According to multiple sources, Arsenal will only let Alexis go to Manchester United if we receive Mkhitaryan in return, however it has been reported that he is not particularly keen on joining the club. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Armenian take Sanchez’ spot at the club; he’s got superb dribbling and pace, and is a goal-scoring threat. I can so see Arsenal selling Alexis to United and not getting Mkhitaryan in return, that’s just Arsenal, but we will see. Is he my first choice? No, but he’s a good start.

Rumor Mill Level: 6


 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

PEA at Arsenal? Sign me up fam! This would be an ideal ~dream~ signing for the club. Auba is a proven killer in front of the net, and has been doing it on a consistent basis for the last 5-6 years. Having a potential front 2 of Auba and Lacazette with Ozil behind them makes me ooze from the mouth. Like I said before however, we would most likely have to give Dortmund Giroud in return for Auba, along with a lump sum of cash, but it would 100% be worth it. Auba is ready to move on from Dortmund, and as of today, Arsenal seems to be a very realistic landing spot for him. Not to mention, a potential reunion of the Mkhi-Auba partnership that led BVB to much success.

Rumor Mill Level: 7




The Brazilian forward was in Arsenal’s scope the day the window opened up, and a move seemed plausible, however as of the last few days the reports of a move to the Emirates seems more and more unlikely, as talks between the two clubs (Bordeaux) have largely died down. I’m not really a big fan of Malcom however. The first reason for this has to do with his nationality. Arsenal haven’t signed too many Brazilians in the past, and most have underachieved at the club, with the exception of the legendary Gilberto Silva. Malcom’s potential and skills are tempting, and make for a good rationale to back him as an Alexis replacement, but I don’t think we should jump at this opportunity. And not to mention, the last player we signed from Bordeaux was an absolute joke. Spoiler, it was Chamakh, and he was ass n’ cheese.

Rumor Mill Level: 4

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 9.21.59 PM 

 Riyad Mahrez

It has long been noted that Arsene Wenger has had his eye on the Leicester City stud. Arsenal almost struck a deal with the winger last summer, but it ultimately fell through. Mahrez led his squad to a Premier League title a few years back, and has continued to thrive at the club in tough times. This move seems like it’s died down unfortunately, but the fans can HOPE.

Rumor Mill Level: 2



Hope you all enjoyed the piece, and to my Arsenal guys out there, big things are coming soon. #WengerOUT #AubaIN #SanchezOUT #AncelottiIN

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