Matchweek 30

Champions League Round of 16 I, Leg 2: 2-2
All-Time Record: 196-173-47
My Form (L3): 14-13-6

Juventus and Real Madrid pass through to the Quarterfinals after two huge wins away from home. Real Madrid took apart a Neymar-less PSG 2-1 and 5-2 on aggregate, while Juventus came back down 1 goal in London to win 2-1 on the day and 4-3 on aggregate. Both Real Madrid and Juve showed that they are not teams you want to come across on your way to the final while PSG and Tottenham now fall back into the holes that have haunted their clubs for decades; European failure.

In the other  matches City ended up losing at home to Basel in a shock result, although it meant nothing other than a huge moral victory for the Swiss club who share the same name as the delicious culinary herb ‘basil’. Porto also went to Liverpool to fight for a 0-0 draw, showing that both of the English clubs are focusing on their matches this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend…

7:30 am

Liverpool (Pick -115) @ Manchester United A match that has to be played at 12:30 local time to avoid riots HAS to be something on your must-watch list. Plain and simple; these two teams HATE each other. This would be their 200th match against each other, with their first one occurring in 1894. These two teams have completely different styles of play, as Liverpool’s attack can put 5 goals in you while their defense is trash and United has an attack that will put you to sleep (yet very effective) while dominating the midfield and have the best goalie in the world. I don’t see this going well for United as Liverpool have been in unbelievable form.

Brighton (+0.5) @ Everton – Brighton are coming off of one of their biggest wins in recent history after beating Arsenal 2-1 and now currently sit tied for 10th with their opponents Everton. Everton have only had 2 wins out of their last 12 and Brighton  haven’t lost in their last 7. Brighton aren’t underdogs here and it feels like a no brainer to take them.

Swansea (Pick +105) @ Huddersfield

Southampton @ Newcastle (Pick -105)

Leicester City (Pick -130) @ West Brom – West Brom are in absolute shambles right now being 8 points inside the Relegation Zone. Leicester will win. Period.

Burnley (+0.5) @ West Ham

12:30 pm

Crystal Palace (+1.5) @ Chelsea – A London Derby here as Chelsea prepare to face Barcelona in the Champions League in the midweek and will surely put out a slightly different side. Chelsea haven’t played well with the False 9 that Conte has put out and aren’t in good form right now at all. It’s a tough pick but Palace will come out swinging and won’t go down easy.

Other Saturday Picks:

Columbus (-1)
LAFC (+0.5)
Sporting KC (+0.5)
Houston (-0.5)
Orlando SC (-0.5)

9:30 am

Watford @ Arsenal (-1) – Arsenal are back after a HUGE win in the Europa League in Milan. Take them while they’re hot cause it sure as hell won’t last long.

12:00 pm

Tottenham (-1) @ Bouremouth

Other Sunday Picks:

Inter Milan (+0.5)
Atlanta United (-1)

3:00 pm

Man City (-2) @ Stoke Earlier in the year City won 7-2 at home… yeah that’s right 7-2. City don’t have a match midweek and played a somewhat B squad so they should be ready to go. Even if it’s a push with 2 goals being given to City, take them.

That’s all folks!

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