LISTEN: My Appearance on “Rooster and the Devil” Podcast

I appeared this week on Rooster and the Devil podcast to discuss everything from Man City to meeting Zidane and the USMNT. We had a great time and I thoroughly recommend checking it out.

“Man City Nico Brings Us Old Men the Truth”

“Oh to be 24. Our guy @nicodegallo (I love his handle) is just a delightful man to converse with. He tells us all about his experience with a press pass at the International Champions Cup games. He regales us with stories about how cool the Arsenal players are in person. Yuck.

Then we talk about his beloved Man City and their amazing depth. The odd losses early in the season. What it’s like to play down an early goal. Then a dive into the USMNT dungeon. And of course; delightful champions league banter. Eventually we talk about his favorite local squad and his experience at their playoff game (Philadelphia Union). It was wonderful. 

Brad, the main Rooster, also tacked on ten minutes at the end here. I won’t listen to it until I hear it on the air so not sure what he ranted about. He did end with Harry Kane rant, which I heard while recording the song, and he sounded angry. We’ll see.”

You can follow them on Twitter @roosterdevil and subscribe on Apple Podcasts!

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