Matchweek 31 Picks

Quick one for you. Solid week last week to get us back on track just before the rest of the leagues return.

All-Time Record: 645-575-165
Last Two Seasons: 382-338-98 (+18.1units)
This Season: 170-169-50 (+1.2 Units)
Bundesliga MW 27: 5-4-1 (+4.6 Units)

I’m sticking with the Bundesliga this weekend as I’m wait for La Liga and Serie A to show us how they handle coming back from the long break.

Freiburg -0.5 (+400)

Union Berlin +0.5 (-120)

Dortmund -1.5 (+100)

Werder Bremen -0.5 (+115)

Frankfurt +0.5 (-120)

Leverkusen -1 (-115)

Twitter: @canikickitpod
Twitter: @nicodegallo

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