Champions League Round of 16, Leg 2

Well Championship Sunday was an absolute debacle for me but I was able to climb back a bit with some picks over Twitter. We still have 12 Champions League matches left and an MLS cup final funtil I close my season out so let’s end on a high note.

All-Time Record: 688-635-170
Last Two Seasons: 425-386-103 (+15.2 units)
This Season: 213-216-55 (-1.8 Units)
Champ. Sunday + Twitter picks: 11-13 (-4.5 Units)

UEFA Champions League

Real Madrid (1) @ Manchester City (2) – City come into this with a very clear advantage, up 2-1 on aggregate with two away goals in their back pocket. If City can score first here, it will force Madrid to have to score 3 to get through without going to penalties. Real Madrid will be without Ramos which is a huge loss for them. Last year in their second leg loss to Ajax, Ramos was also missing and Madrid looked lost. I’m going to take a play on the under and City moneyline. I think City complete the tie and move onto the quarterfinals here. Manchester City -0.5 (-135) and Under 3 Goals (-100).

Lyon (1) @ Juventus (0) – Juventus are in a really interesting spot here. They face a dangerous Lyon team a leg down without the possibility of an away goal. Any Lyon goal would likely force Juve to score at least two more afterwards to overcome that. That puts Lyon at a very advantageous position and one I want to leverage. Lyon have barely played since early March and that’s not ideal, especially against a Ronaldo-led Juve team in the Champions League. But I can’t fade them at +1 here in the position they’re in. Lyon +1 (+110).


Napoli (1) @ FC Barcelona (1) – Barca come into this with a slight advantage due to the away goal they scored in the first leg, but Napoli could do just that in the second leg as well. I don’t have faith in either of these teams and I think the spread of 1 is just too big for this match. Napoli will sit back and absorb Barca’s pressure and force the game to be decided in the second half. Messi will make a difference like he always does, but Barca haven’t been one to tear apart teams like Napoli this season, instead they’ve picked on the teams lower in the Spanish table who aren’t defensively stout. I like the under and the points in this match. Napoli +1 (-130) and Under 3 Goals (-125).

Chelsea (0) @ Bayern Munich (3) – I’m not touching this with a ten foot pole. Bayern will surely advance here and it’s not worth trying to figure out by how much or what will even happen in this second leg. Pass.

Stay kickin’ it. Peace.

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