Arsenal January Transfer Period

What’s going on everyone? Sorry for the lack of posts lately, the way Arsenal have been performing lately has me in my feelings and all. Tonight I’d like to talk about something positive with Arsenal for a change, something that has been largely nonexistent and unlike the norm with us in the recent past – the January transfer period. It is evident, now more than ever, that Arsenal must make changes to the current squad in order to take away anything from this season, the question is, how the club will go about that. Let’s take a look at some realistic, and unrealistic, transfers that could take place before the window closes.


Alexis Sánchez

Arsenal fans have had their fair share of the Alexis exit rumors for some time now, dating back to last summer when the club struggled to strike a deal with the Chilean over a new contract. At this point I would say there is about a 100% chance that he will be leaving us, the question is will it be during this window, or in the summer. Fans, and the Club, will prefer to sell during this window due to the high selling fee clubs would pay for him of course, while were he to leave this Summer it would be have to be on a free. It looked like City were going to bring Sanchez to the Etihad, but a recent breakthrough in the recovery of Gabriel Jesus’ injury has led to disinterest in Sanchez from the club. It is now Manchester United that are on the front foot of signing the winger, but it’ll come at a cost: about $32m + Mkhitaryan. More on Mkhitaryan will be discussed further below.

Rumor Mill Level (1 being blasphemy, 10 being confirmed): 8



Theo Walcott

Theo, Theo. What can I say, you’ve been loyal to us, and somewhat good for the club over these past 10 years. The Winger/Striker/CF/CAM/RM has scored over 100 goals in his decade spent at Arsenal. As sad as it is to see Theo go, it really is the right decision. Walcott had loads of potential, and it was simply unfulfilled, as his inconsistency really cemented a spot on the bench for him during the latter half of his Arsenal career. If this club are to make the leap to becoming an “elite club”, they are going to need more consistent players than Theo Walcott. Theo was spotted at Everton this morning completing a medical, so the announcement is imminent. It looks like the Toffees will be paying around £22m for him, money that can certainly be spent to build upon our current squad.

Rumor Mill Level: 10

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 9.08.27 PM.png


Olivier Giroud

I Can’t believe the day would come where I have to write about GiGi leaving Arsenal. My mans has been hated on by so many, for so long, and I have been there to support him in full, so this one is tough. This transfer, however, is more so dependent on what happens with the Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang transfer. It’s looking like Arsenal are willing to offer Giroud plus £30m for the Gabonese striker, which I believe Arsenal should quickly act on and follow through with.

Rumor Mill Level: 5

Scorpion Master Giroud



Henrikh Mkhitaryan

According to multiple sources, Arsenal will only let Alexis go to Manchester United if we receive Mkhitaryan in return, however it has been reported that he is not particularly keen on joining the club. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Armenian take Sanchez’ spot at the club; he’s got superb dribbling and pace, and is a goal-scoring threat. I can so see Arsenal selling Alexis to United and not getting Mkhitaryan in return, that’s just Arsenal, but we will see. Is he my first choice? No, but he’s a good start.

Rumor Mill Level: 6


 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

PEA at Arsenal? Sign me up fam! This would be an ideal ~dream~ signing for the club. Auba is a proven killer in front of the net, and has been doing it on a consistent basis for the last 5-6 years. Having a potential front 2 of Auba and Lacazette with Ozil behind them makes me ooze from the mouth. Like I said before however, we would most likely have to give Dortmund Giroud in return for Auba, along with a lump sum of cash, but it would 100% be worth it. Auba is ready to move on from Dortmund, and as of today, Arsenal seems to be a very realistic landing spot for him. Not to mention, a potential reunion of the Mkhi-Auba partnership that led BVB to much success.

Rumor Mill Level: 7




The Brazilian forward was in Arsenal’s scope the day the window opened up, and a move seemed plausible, however as of the last few days the reports of a move to the Emirates seems more and more unlikely, as talks between the two clubs (Bordeaux) have largely died down. I’m not really a big fan of Malcom however. The first reason for this has to do with his nationality. Arsenal haven’t signed too many Brazilians in the past, and most have underachieved at the club, with the exception of the legendary Gilberto Silva. Malcom’s potential and skills are tempting, and make for a good rationale to back him as an Alexis replacement, but I don’t think we should jump at this opportunity. And not to mention, the last player we signed from Bordeaux was an absolute joke. Spoiler, it was Chamakh, and he was ass n’ cheese.

Rumor Mill Level: 4

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 9.21.59 PM 

 Riyad Mahrez

It has long been noted that Arsene Wenger has had his eye on the Leicester City stud. Arsenal almost struck a deal with the winger last summer, but it ultimately fell through. Mahrez led his squad to a Premier League title a few years back, and has continued to thrive at the club in tough times. This move seems like it’s died down unfortunately, but the fans can HOPE.

Rumor Mill Level: 2



Hope you all enjoyed the piece, and to my Arsenal guys out there, big things are coming soon. #WengerOUT #AubaIN #SanchezOUT #AncelottiIN

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Arsenal – Chelsea Preview

What’s going on soccer and non-soccer folks! Hope your holidays were filled with lot’s of food, friendship, and successful betting on great sporting events that include but are not limited to: soccer, Bowl pick’em, basketball, NFL, UFC 219, and the Winter Classic. Well, the festive period is just about over, which means getting used to watching only one soccer match a week…..that is until the Champions League returns. As I’m sure most of you know, tomorrow Arsenal take on their bitter rivals Chelsea in a yuuuuge game, so let’s take a look at how I think this match will play out, but first I’d like to share my thoughts on our last match against West Bromwich, only because so many members of my Gunner family have reached out to me about this, and I’ll keep it to-the-point.

Post Match West Brom. Thoughts

Were we robbed of a win? Absolutely yes. Referee Mike Dean has been fucking Arsenal for years, and side note, did you know he is an admitted Tottenham fan? Sketchy. Super sketchy. It was not a hand ball and I don’t need to explain why, just watch for yourself. After the whistle I was fuming, just like all Arsenal fans, and rightfully so. But then I realized, how on Earth did we ever even deserve those three points? Let’s be honest, Arsenal were horrific, dreadful, and pathetic in that match. I’ve always been one to blame, or commend, an individual’s effort in a loss or win, as opposed to just an overall poor/strong team effort, so that’s what I’ll do here. Alex Iwobi, bruv, what do you bring to the table? Spoiler alert, nothing. Hector Bellerín, the same fans who chanted “you are not fit for the kit” last season at Palace, will soon be singing that again if you don’t step up; you were terrible that match. Petr Cech, do not get me started. You are supposed to be a world-class keeper, and one of the best the Premier League has EVER SEEN, yet you can’t save a fucking penalty! 0/14 on pen saves I believe you are for Arsenal, keep up the great work. Alright I’m done, moving onto tomorrow’s preview.


Arsenal – Chelsea Preview

Tomorrow’s match is much bigger than you’d think. Clearly the race for the Premier League title is over, I don’t care what anyone says, Man City have won it and by the way, it’s only January. For Arsenal, it is now about finishing the season strong and fighting for a Champions League spot, and taking home some silverware, whether that be the League Cup, FA Cup, Europa League, or all three for that matter. A Top 4 finish and a trophy or two would warrant a somewhat successful season in my eyes. Contrary to what most Arsenal people on Twitter say, continuing to fight for the above mentioned things matter. With that being said, let’s look ahead at tomorrow’s match.

The two teams couldn’t be trending in more opposite directions. Currently Chelsea sit 3rd on the table and could find themselves in second if they win tomorrow and with a game in hand, while Arsenal are coming off their second draw in three matches. But asides from both teams’ positions in the league, thing’s couldn’t be more different. Arsenal seem to struggle with every single opponent they have faced this season, and more times than not, make it extremely difficult for themselves to get anything out of a match. If we win, Lacazette or Alexis get pissed off because they’re subbed off too early. If we lose, the team lacked anything upfront or on the creative end. If we draw, we deserved it because we got robbed of a call, presumably from Mike Dean.

Meanwhile, Chelsea are coming off a battering of Stoke and a solid 2-0 victory over Brighton. They’ve really played well in the league throughout the season, and find themselves in the Round of 16 in the Champions League against a very, very tough Barcelona side. Not saying that they’ll be able to accomplish anything there, but hey at least they made it that far, something Arsenal could not do.


In regards to the actual match, I really don’t like Arsenal’s chances. The only reason to believe they can muster anything out of this is simply due to the fact that we are playing at the Emirates, which some people have seemed to shrug off or forget how toxic that atmosphere can be. So, is it really an advantage playing at home for us? Arsenal are also dealing with quite a few injuries, as Giroud, Ozil, Ramsey, Monreal, Kolasinac, and Koscielny have picked up knocks, with that latter of those four certainly not being able to play Arsene has admitted. Great. Chelsea on the other hand are working with a full squad with the exception of Victor Moses.


Predicted Line-ups

Arsenal: Cech; Bellerin, Chambers, Mertesacker, Mustafi, Maitland-Niles; Xhaka, Wilshere; Iwobi, Alexis; Lacazette

Chelsea: Courtois; Zappacosta, Azpilicueta, Christensen, Cahill, Alonso; Bakayoko, Kante, Fabregas; Hazard, Morata


Not really sure how anyone can fancy Arsenal in this one, that’s how bad it’s gotten, but given our recent form against Chelsea and our desire to play somewhat well in the big games at home, I can see this one ending in a draw, but not today. Arsenal 1 – 2 Chelsea.

Stay tuned for my second edition of European Power Rankings when the rest of the big 5 leagues resume play. Stay Kickin’ It!


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El Clásico Preview

This Saturday come 7am, the World’s greatest Soccer Rivalry will be taking place, no not Arsenal-Tottenham, but El Clásico. This prestigious and momentous match occurs twice every year, and has major implications for who will be crowned La Liga Campéon. This matchup tends to be very tactical, and more times than often, plays out in a draw. The only difference this year however, is the gap in points between the two all-star teams. Los Blancos find themselves 11 points behind leaders Barcelona, a gap that can almost be written off as impossible to comeback from. Let’s take a look at how I think this rivalry will play out, predicted XI’s, some key matchups on the pitch, and who I think will take home the 3 points.


Predicted XI:

Barcelona: Ter (tookerderbs) Stegen; Semedo, Pique, Vermaelen, Alba; Rakitic, Busquets, Iniesta; Paulinho; Messi, Suarez

Real Madrid: Navas; Carvajal, Ramos, Varane, Marcelo; Casemiro, Kroos, Modric; Isco; Benzema, Ronaldo


Key Matchups:

Ronaldo vs. Roberto/Semedo:

So it has not been confirmed whether Sergi Roberto or Nelson Semedo will be starting at the RB position, but regardless of who does start, there is no doubt that they will have their plate full with Ronaldo running at them for 90 minutes. CR7 is coming back from nursing an injury, and Zidane has stated that he will start tomorrow. Let’s be honest, nobody can contain Ronaldo, the key here will be trying to slow him down a bit. Regardless, look for relentless sprints and dribbles from CR7 down the right flank.



Busquets vs. Isco:

The little Spaniard has impressed us all this season, to say the least. Not only has he cemented a spot in the starting XI, but he has bullied the midfield throughout the season. Busquets on the other hand, is as solid a rock as can be. He is the glue that holds together the midfield, and without him, Isco and Co. could severely exploit Barcelona’s midfield.

Spain Soccer La Liga


Benzema vs. Pique:

Gerard Pique will likely be tasked with marking the Frenchman tomorrow morning. Benzema will try to hold up play up top whilst his midfield and winger tandem will race in behind Barcelona’s CBs. I favor Pique in this matchup given his experience and strength, but don’t be surprised to see Benzema get involved in the action.



This matchup is always a tense one, and both teams are destined to score goals given the talent they have. With that being said, I believe with a fully fit squad and 80,000+ fans rallying behind them, Real Madrid will win this one in a thriller for the ages.

Final Score: Real Madrid 3-2 FC Barcelona

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Power Rankings: Week 18

What’s up fam! Back again with all the soccer knowledge you’ve been waiting for, and more importantly, my first round of Power Rankings. We had a lot of exciting action over the weekend throughout Europe’s power 5 leagues, so let’s take a look at where I believe Europe’s Top 10 squads belong on my list of Power Rankings.


Honorable Mentions

FC Porto, Roma, Manchester United, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid


10) Valencia

The La Liga powerhouse has done a superb job playing keep-up with Barcelona for the entirety of the season, however, were starting to see signs of fatigue. Los Che have already lost two matches in December, their only two losses of their campaign thus far as a matter of fact, but nonetheless, they are perhaps one of the most low-key teams in European Soccer this season, so for that I applaud you.


9) Liverpool

The Reds are well and alive again after dominating Bouremouth away in a 4-0 win. The fact that they are 4th in the Premier League table astonishes me given their ‘Fantastic Four’ up top, but so long as their defense lie in shambles, they will continue to see their offensive efforts offset.


8) Real Madrid

Hala Madrid y Nada. Were missing the “…y Nada Mas”, but at the moment Los Blancos don’t really deserve that tagline. Real are already a staggering 11 points behind their rivals Barcelona, a gap that surely cannot be narrowed. Although Real just won their second consecutive Club World Cup, that does not warrant a higher spot on this list. They’ll continue to stay around this half of the list until they can pull it together.


7) Paris Saint-Germain

I really do wish I could throw PSG in the top 3 of this list, but I just don’t think that will ever happen so long as they continue to be a French football club. Ligue 1 is probably the worst of the Power 5 leagues in Europe, with virtually NO competition week in and week out. They’ll climb this ranking order if and when they prove me wrong in the Champions League.

6) Napoli

Napoli….. cubanyo! If I made a Power Ranking’s about a month ago, I would’ve had Napoli at #1. This is no lie. However, Napoli’s recent efforts have pushed them further down this list unfortunately. After a horrendous Champions League campaign, they further damaged their rank with a loss to Juventus and a boring draw with Fiorentina. While they remain atop the Serie A table at the moment, Roma, Juve, and Inter are breathing down their throats and waiting for Napoli to slip up.


5) Juventus

Even with the most goals scored and the largest goal differential in Serie A, the Turin giants still don’t crack my top 3 on this list. Their style of play gives off, to me at least, a lack of effort, and for that reason they are not in my top 3. The Old Lady just picked up an excellent 3 points over Napoli (1st) and a draw with Inter (3rd), and given their ability to succeed against the big teams in the league, I expect Juve to move up this list as the season goes on.


4) Bayern Munich

Bayern have been as sturdy as could be, as expected. And without their rivals Dortmund usually sitting right behind them, Bayern can now focus on not just winning their 8293th Bundesliga Trophy in a row, but also the Champions League, a trophy they’ve really been after for the past few years.


3) Inter Milan

Perhaps the Milan side with lower expectations heading into the season, Internazionale have been a force this season! Before their loss to Udinese yesterday, Inter were sitting at the top of Serie A, and with no European football, and virtually no other cups besides the Coppa Italia to play for, Inter can really put forth their full attention to winning Serie A.


2) Barcelona

After a sluggish start to the season, Barcelona, and Messi specifically, have found their groove. Messi is back as La Liga’s top scorer, AND did you know he’s hit the post 14 times! So factor in another 4-5 goals onto his tally, and Barcelona look their best once again.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 9.21.05 PM.png

1) Manchester City

There’s really not much to be said about City at the moment. They are without a doubt THE team to beat in not just European Football, but WORLD Football. They have yet to lose a game in the Premier League this season, and just set the record for the longest win streak in Premier League History, shout out Arsenal. I have City winning the Premier League, and advancing to the Semi’s of the Champions League, so let’s see how the rest of their campaign pans out.

Raheem Sterling buries one past Hugo Lloris in a dominant 4-1 effort over Tottenham.

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Mid-Season Review: Premier League

Hello to all, and to all a Happy Tuesday! I’m sure a lot of you (maybe 3 people tops) have noticed my absence from Can I Kick It recently. Well, no, I didn’t quit writing about soccer just because Arsenal are ass n’ cheese, – fuckers – cha boys’ just been super busy with school! After all, school comes first, then soccer, or is it the other way around? Anyways, now that I’m off school for a ~cool~ month, I’ll be back posting regularly again for the foreseeable future.

Luckily for me, I’m coming back just in time for the midway point of the season, so let’s go over some of the winners and losers thus far, along with who I think will win the Prem, who will round out the Top 4 Champions League places, and unfortunately, who will be relegated.


Winners Winners Chicken Parm Dinners

Manchester City

What kind of mid-season analysis would we have if I didn’t speak on Manchester City first? Man City have been absolutely superb this season, and even that may be an understatement in itself. City have a staggering 46 points (!), having only dropped points ONE time all season to Everton; how Everton, I do not know. They have an 11 point lead on the rest of the pack, and Vegas bookmakers have them at -2000 to win the Premier League. For all you virgins, that means you have to throw $200 to win a measly $10. Value. Their front three might be the best I’ve ever seen in the Premier League, and they seem to only be getting better. Expect City to continue winning, sadly.



Yes Burnley. The Burnley boys find themselves sitting in 4th place in the table at the moment, currently in a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE position, let that set in for a minute or two. Burnley are as stingy a team as they come, and are tough as nails, having only conceded 12 goals thus far. Sean Dyche has his boys boolin’ and believing, and in all honesty, I expect them to finish the season out very strong given they don’t lose anyone to injury.




Well this makes things easy on me, I mean, what better way to bash your rivals than to roast them on how they’ve not nearly met this season’s expectations! Before the season started, and as much as it pains me to say this, I had Tottenham either winning the league or coming in 2nd, and low and behold, here they are sitting in 7th place, outside of the European football places. They seem to be having a hard time finding the net when it matters, and as a result they have dropped a ton of points. Although Harry Kane is only one goal behind the top scorer in the Prem, Salah, Tottenham are lacking the chemistry factor that led them to Champions League football last season. Tssk tssk Tottenham.



Everton, what in the world is going on!? I doubt you’re reading this but Jacob can you tell me? I don’t think anyone predicted the horrible season that Everton are currently going through at the moment. They are currently at 10th in the table, however, they were sitting in the relegation zone until Big Sam came in and started fucking up some commas. Let’s look back to August. The transfer deadline is nearing close, boom Wayne Rooney, boom Sandro, boom Michael Keane! Everton made some quality signings over the summer, yet, they couldn’t seem to get anything going for the first couple months of the season, not to mention the fact that they got absolutely humiliated in Europa League this season. I’m actually a fan of Everton, and sincerely hope that they can get their shit together.



Champions of the Premier League:

There is just not a doubt in my mind that Manchester City are going to win the Premier League; there’s just no way they don’t. The only way I see a collapse in the making is if they advance deep into the Champions League, which is plausible, and them losing a few guys to injury. Other than that, that trophy is wrapped up, sealed, and signed for the Citizens. Fuck off @zemach, and especially to the owner of this blog (hi nico).


Champions of the Relegation Zone:

There are three champions of the relegation zone, and here’s who I think they’ll be:

18) West Ham

19) AFC Bournemouth

20) Swansea City

I’d literally love nothing more than for West Ham to be relegated, the shite club that they are they deserve it. Bournemouth has just been a big nothing for me this season, and I think their time to head back down is now. Swansea have been fighting relegation for like 3 years now, and there’s just no way they don’t end up playing in the Championship next season. Sorry boys, better luck next time.

That’s all for now, and keep your eyes peeled for a Can I Kick It podcast, coming soon to an iPhone near you! Stay Kickin’ it yall, except for you City, you stay kicking it into your own goal.


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Can I Kick It Cup (Arsenal)

Asuh dudes! It is with great pride and honor that I can announce THE first ever Can I Kick It Cup! This idea really came about simply because Nico is obviously a huge Manchester City fan, and your boy is obviously a huge Gooner, and these two teams will be battling it out come this Sunday. So we figured why not just start a Cup every time these two play each other, and behold, here we are.

So in this blog I’ll very briefly review Arsenal’s season thus far, followed by some keys to winning the game this weekend, important players to watch for both squads, and lastly my brutally honest prediction.


Recap of Arsenal’s Season thus far:

So, Arsenal’s season started off horribly. I don’t need to remind you of the Liverpool blowout and the loss at Stoke. However, the numbers may deceive you. Arsenal have 19 points through 10 matches, a number that in the past has usually been lower, so I guess there’s one positive, but this isn’t good enough. The exciting and entertaining idea of a front three of Ozil-Alexis-Lacazette only came to fruition a few weeks ago, and the results have been favorable when this trio plays, as you could suspect. Looking at our team as a whole, we certainly have areas of improvement, such as the defense, and don’t want to call anyone out here but…. something has happened to my mans Bellerin, probably has something to do with the fact that I saw him out this Summer at a clurb in Miami and told him he’s my favorite player, oh well. Here’s proof that Bellerin was actually in Miami and that I’m not making this shit up.


Overall, this season has definitely not lived up to Arsenal fan’s expectations, but again, every season I have a positive outlook for us so I honestly don’t know. I would like to believe that City will falter or maybe slow down at one point or another this season, but they really do look like the strongest side the Premier League has seen in the last few years, and Arsenal, or for that matter any team, will have an extremely difficult time catching up to them (*sigh*).

Arsenal players disgusted after their 4-0 defeat to Liverpool.


Keys to Winning the Match:

So I’ve just told you City are basically winning the league, so how in the world are we going to stop them this weekend? There are really three ways we can do so, but in reality only two considering Wenger would never park the bus which was idea #3.

The first way is by going back to our typical 4-2-3-1 formation. I say this for a few reasons. When we deploy the newer 3-back system with the 2 wingbacks, it leads to Kolasinac and Bellerin naturally attacking the flanks, which is great most of the time, but not this time around. City are faster than us in these positions and will look to take advantage of our wingbacks if they are out of position, which will lead to furious and possibly to goal-scoring counter-attacks. With our traditional formation, Bellerin and Kolasinac can forget so much about attacking and just simply do their job as defenders, but simple and defending never go together for Arsenal of course. This formation would really be the conservative way out and would hopefully lead us to getting the draw.

The other idea would be to just go all-out for the win. In the past Arsenal have fended well for themselves when playing City, having won that thriller in the FA Cup semis last year. I feel like if we can just play our game, regardless of what happens with the defense, that we can stand a chance in this one.


Important Players to Watch:

Alexandre Lacazette: The French forward has already registered 5 goals through 9 starts this season. You know Alexis and Ozil will provide several scoring chances for the attacker, so the key will be to see if he can convert on them, but I expect to see a goal or two from this man.

Laurent Koscielny: I can tell you this with 100% assurance right now, Arsenal have NOT seen anyone even close to the caliber of Manchester City. If we are going to attempt to win this match, our defense is going to need to be spot-on, and that all stems from Koscielny. I want to see the aggressive, screaming, slide-tackling Koscielny I saw two seasons ago.

Sead Kolasinac: The Bosnian Tank will have a very difficult matchup against Raheem Sterling, who has been absolutely superb this season with already 10 goals to his name?! Kolasinac has arguably been our player of the season thus far with a few goals and assists to his name as well, but if we want a favorable result, Sead may have to bare a lot of the team’s weight on his shoulders.

Predicted Lineup:

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 2.33.53 PM 


Again, I’m writing to you all with a complete absence of bias. I think this match has the potential to get really ugly for us. This could be one of those matches that starts the #WengerOut trend, a trend that really has not been frequently talked about much this season. I think Arsenal will buckle down, come to their senses and will somehow squeeze out a draw in this match, but it’s going to be really hard for us to do that and will require 110% effort from everyone.

Final Score: City 2 – 2 Arsenal

Who’s gonna take home the first Can I Kick It Cup?! Tune in Sunday morning at 9:15 AM to find out!

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Matchweek 10 Preview

Whaaaaat is up ladies and gents. You’re probably asking yourself who the fuck is this kid and where’s Nico’s betting predictions for this weekend’s matches?! Don’t worry, those are coming soon for all you betting degenerates, but in the meantime, let me introduce myself. My names Jordan Kulla, but my friends call me the Goob. I’m a die-hard Arsenal fan (tuff) from South Florida, and a somewhat avid supporter of the USMNT, when they aren’t sucking complete ass. On the weekends you can catch me watching pretty much any premier league match televised or most of the other top 5 European leagues. Normally I’d go on to say how I also love watching the Champions League, but Arsenal’s absence in it this year has me feeling some type of way. Nonetheless, soccer is my life and my passion and following it has consumed a large part of my life.

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s dive face-first into Premier League’s Matchweek 10 and what games you should be watching this weekend.

Manchester United – Tottenham

This is certainly the marquee matchup of the week, with both teams looking to mount further pressure on Manchester City at the top of the table. Both teams are kind of trending in opposite directions with Spurs clobbering of Liverpool last week, and United’s shock defeat to Huddersfield. It really pains me to say this, considering I absolutely and literally HATE Tottenh**, and somewhat hate United, but I think one of these two teams has a serious chance at winning the Premier League this season. I won’t go too into depth as to why I believe that right now, but perhaps well save that for a whole other article of it’s own. Harry Kane was just recently ruled out for this match which will provide United’s defenders with a great amount of relief, however Pochettino’s men are capable enough to get the job done without their main man. Look for a tense matchup between these two, with United likely to park the bus in the early stages of the match.

Crystal Palace – West Ham

So normally I wouldn’t even spend the time of day writing about these two shite clubs, but the circumstances are interesting leading up to this likely dull match. Let’s be honest, both teams are god-awful this season. Crystal Palace didn’t score a goal all season up until last week when they somehow beat Chelsea, and West Ham are on the verge of what looks like an early departure for Slaven Bilic, who I actually thought did a half-decent job with the squad up until the whole Payet fiasco. This game has significant implications for both teams, as Palace are dead last in the table, and the Hammers are even on points with Everton and Stoke in the relegation zone. With so many other matches to watch at the 10am slot, I’d never recommend you watch this shit show, but if you find yourself switching channels, don’t be surprised to see the goals fly in this one.

West Brom – Manchester City

This should be another embarrassing routing of a team at home for the Citizens, as their front three just simply cannot be stopped at the moment. Look for a blowout in this one.

Liverpool – Huddersfield

Huddersfield are flying high after their 2-1 victory over league giants United, however they’ll now have to face perhaps an even tougher test in Liverpool @ Anfield. Liverpool stud Coutinho has been ruled out of the match due to injury, so that will give Huddersfield all the more reason to believe they can at least take away a point from this match. Steve Mounie will be looking to continue his decent goal scoring record this year and look to take advantage of Liverpool’s shambolic defense.

Watford – Stoke City

This is an interesting match you could say. Watford are perhaps the story of the season thus far, sitting in 6th on the table, 1 point behind my Gooners, whereas Stoke, are doing Stoke things, sitting dead even on points with West Ham and Everton in the relegation zone. All props to Marco Silva, who’s seemed to really get his squad playing some solid football at the moment. Despite their negative goal differential, I think Watford will get the job done against a rather lackadaisical Stoke.

Arsenal – Swansea City

With these previews I try to be extremely unbiased, especially when I’m covering my own squad, so I’ll do the same here. Arsenal’s looking to continue building upon their rollercoaster form with a win against Swansea. Last week Arsenal laid the beat down on Everton, which basically led to the sacking of Ronald Koeman (get fucked). On the other end, Swansea are even on points with 3 other teams in the relegation zone, so they’ll be looking to at least secure a draw at the Emirates. Given the recent excitement over Eddie Nketiah’s insane debut as well as the Everton beat down, I like Arsenal in this one.

Bournemouth – Chelsea

Although the Cherries are home in this one, their lack of creation leading up to goals is seriously affecting them, maybe they miss Jack Wilshere???? Maybe. The Blues should easily get the job done at Dean Court.

Brighton – Southampton

This is an interesting matchup between two middle-of-the pack squads. Brighton have enjoyed strong success in their first ever season in the Premier League and will look to continue their strong form against the Saints. These two teams couldn’t be more similar in style of play, so look for a tense matchup.

Leicester City – Everton

Normally this should be a match that I look forward to writing about, but these two teams have not nearly performed to their full potential. Everton have just sacked Ronald Koeman and seem to not care at all about the rest of their season at this point. Every time they step onto the pitch it seems as if it’s a guaranteed loss. Idrissa Gueye will serve a one-match ban for his red card last week against Arsenal, so Leicester will look to exploit the Toffees down the middle of the pitch. 

Burnley – Newcastle

Again, we have another interesting matchup between two teams who have certainly surpassed most likely their own expectations and other’s as well. Newcastle have rebounded quite well from their promotion to the Prem, and Burnley have been the consistent solid force that we’ve seen the past few years. Both teams are boasting some top-class defensive efforts thus far, and continue to expect this. I’m liking a low-scoring draw in this one.

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