Matchweek 18

Heeyyyooo sup! You might be saying, “Woah, didn’t this loser post a blog like on Monday?” Why yes, this loser did. And his other loser friend Kulla did as well (if you missed it, click HERE like 5 times to support the cause). But yeah I warned you that the footy never stops, especially in December where there are multiple midweek batches of matches (rhymes!).

Enough of the nonsense though, let’s get down to brass tax.

Midweek Picks: 5-4-1
All-Time Picks: 133-117-26


Crystal Palace @ Leicester City (-0.5) – Hooolllyyyy moooolllyyyy what is this??? Crystal Palace haven’t scored in 10 away league matches and Leicester have won their last 4 in the Premier League but somehow Leicester is barely a home favorite. Let’s eat boys!!

Huddersfield @ Watford (-0.5) – Reasons to pick Watford: 1. Don’t sleep on Watford and 2. Huddersfield have been trash as of late. Good enough right?

West Ham (+0.5) @ Stoke City – I have absolutely no clue what to do about this one, but I will never, ever trust Stoke. Take the points (shouts Dubrow).

Southampton @ Chelsea (-1.5) – I hate going against Chelsea in anything, and in the words of my colleague Kulla, “Hoooooouse. Southampton are assss.” So, there ya go.

Burnley (Pick +105) @ Brighton – Burnley now find themselves in 6th place ahead of Arsenal and Leicester and Sean Dyche has this team playing some great footy. Utilize the Pickem!

Newcastle United @ Arsenal (-1.5) – I hate doing it, but I’m picking Arsenal and the only reason why is because they’re home. If they let me down again I may have to sacrifice Kulla AND my brother, who both are Gooner fans.


Tottenham @ Manchester City, NBC

This league literally doesn’t go a weekend without great matches anymore, and I LOVE it. Couple things about this match; Spurs are historically good at the Etihad Stadium (City haven’t won at home v Spurs since October 2014), City can become the first team ever to beat the other top 6 clubs before New Years and they have the opportunity to extend their record winning streak to 16. Stats aside, City should win this game but it would be unprecedented to not drop a result against any of the top 6 before New Years. But my one rule this season: DON’T BET AGAINST CITY. Manchester City (-1). 


Manchester United (-1) @ West Brom – Man U have never been stellar against West Brom, a typically stingy team. But this year’s West Brom isn’t your father’s West Brom. West Brom haven’t won since August (FREAKING AUGUST!!).


Liverpool (-1) @ Bournemouth  I hate this many points for a team who couldn’t defend if their lives depended on it, but whatever. Couldn’t let myself pick Bournemouth.


Swansea City @ Everton (-0.5) – Everton are BACK baby. I don’t care if they haven’t beaten Swansea in their last 7 matchups, I genuinely don’t care. Everton are back.

That’s all for my picks for the weekend, please give a follow on the Twitter Machine while it’s still free. Also, 7 of my last 8 batches of picks have been positive so take advantage or don’t and be a loser. Also keep a lookout for a Can I Kick It podcast in 2018 (*eyes emoji*).

Stay Kickin’ It. Peace.

Twitter: @nicodegallo   @canikickitblog

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